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Dr. Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., developed the Life Transformers™ (LT™), more than 20 years ago, to enable people to achieve their goals in life. They can help to overcome feelings of depression, feeling stressed, stuck, fearful, etc. The LTs™ support your energy system enabling you to be successful, confident, happy, centered, grounded, and, in fact, anything that you can set your sights to.  

 Innate Energies

Every substance has an innate pattern of energies. We, as human beings, have energies, too. These energies underlie all of our functioning, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual. As infants, indeed even before we are born, our energies are pushed,shaped, trained, even forced, into patterns which are not biologically “normal” for us. Life Transformers Home PageYet those disturbed energies determine how we relate to our world. As a consequence we are stressed by intimacy or success; our self confidence is undermined and we develop fears. We cannot learn how to cope with our emotions or deal with our sexuality; we get stuck and become depressed. In short, we get “hangups.”

Through the techniques of Health Kinesiology™ (HK™) / BioEnergetic Physiology (BEP™) those disturbed energy patterns can be corrected rather rapidly and people can experience profound changes in their lives. Not everyone, however, is ready for, or has easy access to, personal HK™ / BEP™ work. Life Transformers™ were developed so that everyone, easily and inexpensively, can receive some of the benefits of HK™ bioenergetic balancing. Please note that nothing religious or spiritual is used in creating any of the Life Transformers™.

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When I was made unexpectently redundant, after a week later I was left with an overriding feeling of sadness. I wore the 'Grief' LT for a day, had a good cry for the first time - and I mean I sobbed and sobbed. By the next day, I felt lighter, more optimistic and accepting of what had happened.



H.Matkin, England

I found that I felt very drained after working with clients every day until I started to wear the 'Shielding From Other People's Energies', I now can do more clients



G.Butler, England


A few months ago I bought a Life Transformer from you. It has improved my sons sleep and I have been pleased with it. I would like to order another one for my other son.(A Protection From Geopathic Stress LT )

W.A. Surrey, England


Wearing my Overcoming Fears LT is wonderful, I feel like I am getting a warm hug.



E.S. Northumberland, England


...situations began to change for me almost as soon as I put them on. 3 months later I feel I've come a long way in removing myself from a situation that had been rather stuck and very bad for my self esteem, ongoing for 9 years. An unhealthy pattern has definitely changed."  (Shielding from Other Peoples Energies LT & Opening My Heart LT)

F. Fallon England


I had been giving treatments to a lady who had been bullied by her husband, not physically, but verbally. It came up in testing that she needed the 'Confidence' LT which she bought. On the next session she told me that she had told her husband that he was not going to verbally abuse her anymore! Things between them both have now improved significantly.

Gina Butler, England